Friday, December 19, 2008

New Year Hangovers (2008)

Dedicated to Peace and Goodwill

It's 2008 and Life goes on as usual
The local banks are empty
The squatters have not yet returned from the Transkei
Heap it up is still in festive dysfunctional mode
Many citizens have been killed in road carnage
Many young children have drowned at our coasts
Politicians and businesses are suffering still

Crime is rife
Hijackings are violent
Farm murders have increased
The price of fuel is stable for now
Many holiday makers are still at the sea
The matriculants have learnt their fate

Stress will slowly improve
Summer is at its peak
The rain still has to fall
Life is sure to go on
2008 will be a good year;
Me thinks!

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox

Comments by Sonny

Me thought this one year ago....

To no avail.

Crime goes on and Mugabe is still alive!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Demise of crime in SA

Crime out of control

The abyss of crime is getting deeper
The time is getting nearer
Law abiding citizens are now gatvol
They will soon take control of the situation
Criminals like cockroaches must be DOOMED
They must die like the parasites they are!

We are not responsible for the past
We will not be taken hostage in our own country
We will not rely on a dysfunctional government
We will not tolerate a bias ANC
We will not accept a corrupt dysfunctional police service
We will take back our streets and rid it of crime

YES, we will be FREE!

© 2008 W E Cox

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Affirmative Action is Criminal

Victims of Affirmative Action

Dedicated to Equality

Why must the Constitution protect the majority
Why should murderers have right to life
Why should little girls be raped and molested
Why does having a white skin make you inferior
Why is being white a life sentence

Only in Africa is the victim a racist
Only in Africa are whites past advantaged
Only in Africa must whites be more resilient
Only in Africa are they second-class citizens

Must the majority be protected
Must whites be rejected

Affirmative action is racist
Affirmative advantage is criminal
Affirmative action makes the advantaged inferior
Affirmative privileges makes the bearer BAAS!

We demand equality, freedom and democracy NOW!

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Memorable Order of the Tin Hats

Memorable Order Of Tin Hats
In Honour of "'ALL WAR VETS""

We have all fought in various wars.
Sometimes necessary and sometimes flawed.
Sometimes for King.
Sometimes for Country.
Never in vain.
Always to be free.

We now bare the scars on body and soul.
Sometimes visible.
Sometimes invisible.
We have lost life and limb.
We have lost mind and soul.
Going in strong…..
Not always coming out whole.

We have stood at the front as one.
We often saw victory through the sights of our gun.
We will stand at remembrance the same.
We were all born unique and free.
Together as soldiers for everyone to see!

Copyright ©2003 William Ernest Cox

We pay tribute to Linda de Jager for rewriting history with her "Border Wars"

Friday, October 31, 2008

Crime Without Justice

We live in a dysfunctional society,
Where criminals come as a variety.
Where life is very cheap;
And not your own to respect and keep!

Cops and robbers call the shots.
While murder and hijacking stays tops.
You cannot distinguish between friend and foe.
Not knowing to which side to go!

Cops took an oath to protect and serve.
Sometimes leaving you with more than you deserve.
They take your life and rob your car,
Leaving you to bleed while not getting far!

Is this what we call a civilised race,
Or is it just one big disgrace?
It's up to you to decide.
I hear a siren and I am going to hide!

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox

The Open Book Syndrome

Dedicated to Honesty

What do we know about the open book syndrome?
The mighty evil that make academics moan?
The learners, students clerics and society,
Who crib without anxiety?

Yes, we are aware of that typical kind.
Who leave their peers and fellows behind.
They reach high places.
Leaving egg on others faces!

Is this to do with "relativity?"
Did Einstein really give it to you and me?
Or was it taken from a friend, student or foe?
Most of us will never know!

I look around at the well to do.
I wonder to myself if we only knew.
Who of them are really shining stars?
Did they come about out of human disasters?

Once again we'll never know.
Somehow they've got papers to show,
That they are a chosen kind.
Walking through life without their own mind!

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox



Who were these architects
The Brotherhood of man
Who built beautiful buildings
As only they can
The craftsmen of freemasonry
Who blocked their skills from you and me

Why did Captain William Morgan have to die
When disclosure of forbidden secrets they would imply?
It's much too complicated for us to see
Their trade secrets will only confuse you and me
There's a knocking at my door
Maybe, like Captain William Morgan, I'll say no more
Should you not again hear from me
Maybe I'll be hanging from an oak tree
For a Freemason journeyman I will never be!

Copyright ©2001 William Ernest Cox

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A D Redwaan

A.D. Redwaan

"Dedicated to Christians in Afghanistan"

My name is Redwaan,
I was conceived in Pakistan.
My father was the Reddywaan,
And he took my pregnant mother Lovelywaan.

To stay with him and aunt Uglywaan,
In the mountains of Afghanistan.
My father was a carpenter by trade,
Until his carpentry shop was hit in a raid.

He then went to join the Taliban,
Where be became their Numberwaan.
My father you see is....""Osama Bin LADEN,""
Who is on America's hit list as ""The Onlywaan!""
He stays away from raves,
Instead he hides in caves.
When he hears the Yank bombers above,
He is in ecstasy with love.
Claiming there is no other mountain rat as ""HE!""

Copyright (C) 2003 William Ernest Cox

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Border Wars

Dedicated to 'Linda de Jager'

As young South African white males we had no choice
The National government suppressed our voice
The Army was forced on you
Or the South African Police had to do
‘Souties’ and ‘Boertjies’ alike
Were all told to shut up or take a hike

Soon we were confronted with border duties
Not giving a damn whether you were toughies or ‘fruities’
We were all rushed into bush warfare
Not giving a fart if we really care
To SWA or Rhodesia you had no choice
Again in ‘flossies’ without a voice

The war soon intensified
Many of our buddies had already died
Some through acts of the enemy
But most by the will of God
Losing our comrades
Was pretty hard!

Copyright © 2008 William Ernest Cox

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

War on Terrorism

War On Terrorism

Dedicated to Fallen Soldiers 1965 - 1985

I wrote a poem of blood and gut,
It was not appreciated in this pressing time.
Maybe the words just did not rhyme.
So I will wait patiently!

For this war on terrorism,
To reach a height.
When victory is ours,
In full sight!

So be brave my boys and give your all,
Don't ever let the Stars and Stripes fall!
Victory is ours; we've got to win!
Terrorism is cowardly and an inhumane sin!
Especially when the enemy is Osama Bin Laden!

© 2008 William Ernest Cox

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fools Paradise SA

Fools Paradise SA

The ANC NEC Conference in Polekwane has come and gone
Jacob Zuma showed his Steel
Thabo Mbeki has been forced into abeyance
Politics has been on everyone's lips
The Scorpions are to finally be disbanded
Jackie Selebi's future has been placed on hold
Newspapers were sold on outages and crime

Now after all the fuss and confusion
It's time to move on
Destiny is being written
What is South Africa's future
Will we prosper and grow
Will we ever be united!?

Copyright ©2007 William Ernest Cox

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance

Yes ol' pal it's true,
There are various things one can do.
One is to apply the brake,
When you've had all you can take.

The only word women know is ""give,""
And apply it as long as they live.
They will wring you out to dry,
Before they say goodbye.

The only way to get them back,
Is to induce a mild heart attack.
Take your bank account to zero balance,
And see whether they will accept the challenge!

They will know it's time to go,
When cash and sympathy you cannot show.
Teach them to take some strife in life,
Before you accept them as your wife!

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox

Skiing in the Alps

Skiing In The Alps

Chilling Desires

Skiing in the Alp's what splendour
With white skin maidens so tender
It all happens in my dreams
With such passionate schemes
Wooden cabins and wooden fires
Tantalising all my desires
Bathrooms warm and gender free
Vibrant maidens just waiting for me

Climbs in trains towards the skies
Buses travelling towards the rise
Then dropping down again
Eventually coming to a halt on an even plain
Cost effective that's for sure
No cash flow going out of the door
Life's so much fun when we are asleep
Why are they times we cannot keep?

Copyright ©2007 William Ernest Cox

Slurred Justice

Slurred Justice

Dedicated to "A Free Society"

Yes, it's true. . ....
Different laws apply to me and you.
Is the Constitution really slurred?
Or is the writing on white paper only blurred?
Take the lawlessness of crime.
It's getting worse every time.
Take the guilt of politicians.
Is it in line with the Constitution?
Nobody accepts accountability.
Is it because of corruptions availability?
The elections are drawing near.
What else do we have to fear?
Affirmative action is on top of the bill.
Do they blame Apartheid still?
Racism is their very agenda.
When must we our liberties surrender?

Copyright © 2007 William Ernest Cox

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Labours

Yes, recognition of prior learning
Is definitely not cast in stone
The more you have learned
The less was recorded
Some of your achievements were of valour
Others were seen as despicable
Those caught on camera
Are most likely to be held against you
It is not for the audience to define you
But for the masses to ridicule you

Then comes your levels of intelligence
Again, not what is recorded
But rather more on the basis of what's gossiped
E*** eyes control e*** tongues
Horrible groups persecute innocent individuals
Be it ideology, religion, culture or history

The powers that be ...
Are the powers that want to remain!
Who is qualified to judge a genius?

Copyright © 2004 William Ernest Cox

Battered Husband Syndrome

Battered Husband Syndrome

When you are forced into marriage.
With the only say you have is, ""I Do!""
When you get home and there's no food waiting.
Only a staring angry wife to meet you?
When you finally lay your tired body down on your bed.
And your wife retorts; ""Not tonight I have a headache!""
When you get up in the morning and your wife stays in bed;
While you prepare breakfast.
When you phone home from work and there is no response.
Because your wife is being entertained by your best friend.
When you have a birthday and there is no card or best wishes.
While your credit card has bounced.
It's all so obvious!

Copyright © 2002 William Ernest Cox

Babes in Browns

Babe In Browns

Dedicated to G.I. JACQUI

She joined the Air Force to be counted.
She wanted to do her part undoubted.
She was the leader of the girls
Leaving soldiers surrounded in whirls.
She was counted on the train to Pretoria.
Where she arrived in all her Gloria.

Bearing scars of the journey.
She swore never to be lonely.
She drank tequila till she dropped.
She challenged the boys until they topped.
She looked wild in cammo and browns.
She got lost on her "jols" to town.

She raided the barracks with the girls.
Bringing joy and laughter to the guys.
Nor drugs nor dope stopped her when she had to cope.
Only when she slipped on a bar of soap.
Nothing got the better of my fair lass.
Until the day, she had to crash!

Copyright © 1997 William Ernest Cox

Autum 2003

Autumn Of 2003

Autumn winds are blowing.
Autumn leaves are falling...
Withered and dead to the ground.
Nowhere any green leaves to be found!

Dust is reaping havoc.
Clouds come up like the clock.
Rain is nowhere to be seen.
How are we to get our atmosphere clean?

Germs are running rife.
SARS is again taking a life!
What about the old folk...
What about my ailing frail old wife?

Copyright © 2003 William Ernest Cox

Autum 2002

Autumn Of 2002

My fifty fifth autumn is about to descend on my world
From one day to the next I can feel the pinch
The leaves are falling from the trees
The bears are going down on their knees
Ready to hibernate with grace
The birds are packing their luggage
Ready to take to flight to greener pastures
What shall we do this time around?
Will I again be feeling blue
Or will I be comforted by you?
I need your warmth and support to carry on
I won't exist after you are gone!

Copyright © 2002 William Ernest Cox

Automatic Teller Machines

Automatic Teller Machines

A.T.M.'s what a bind.
More of an inconvenience I could not find.
Went a long way to draw some cash;
Then what did I find amongst the trash?
A torn Twenty Rand note?
Which did not let my pocket bloat!

The number torn off at the left hand top corner;
Did I not realise that the fun was over?
Funny money is worthless you see;
Not to be tendered by you or me.
Who loaded it into the A.T.M.?

They forced me to drive up and down;
To all the branches in this dismal town.
Trying to retrieve my own hard earned cash.
From amongst the dirt and ash!

Who is accountable let's wait and see;
Till the CEO gets a visit from me!

Copyright © 2003 William Ernest Cox

....."I was at an ATM money machine when an old lady came up and asked me to
check her balance. So I pushed her over.".....

August Winds

August Winds Are Blowing

Dedication to Ode Democracy

The August winds are on time this year
The August winds are blowing
Are they bringing joy and luck this year
Nobody will be knowing
These winds are howling south to North
They are blowing towards Zimbabwe
Will Bob Mugabe be defeated
Will the faces on his people be glowing
Will we have a funeral soon
Before the winds stop blowing

These winds will bring the rain
These winds will bring the sun
These winds will bring health
Will these winds bring wealth

All this is a mystery
All this is in doubt
When will the winds stop
When will the secrets be let out?

Copyright ©2005 William Ernest Cox



When guys with big postures need favours,
They sometimes fail to grasp the complexity at hand.
They take for granted the things to be done.
They believe the willing MUST assist them!

Then, when the job is completed,
The ego inflated person perceives that the success was his.

These self centred egotistical, perverted, diabolical morons,
Are normally obese and egotistical.
They have attitudes of bigots or parasites and are sloppy dropouts.

Many of these people are known to us all.
One just has to go through your "Who's who,"
To identify these social misfits!!

Copyright © 1997 William Ernest Cox

Arrogant or Ignorant

Arrogant Or Ignorant


They don't have a clue.
Biting off more than they can chew.
They are the arrogant clan.
Who should be placed under ban!

They claim land and property of others.
Not being paid for by fathers, mothers or brothers.
They demand the property as their right?
They don't appear to be very bright!

Who are these demons of the dark?
Who attack from behind without a bark.
Do they think they are a God given folk?
Or were they placed on this Earth as a joke?

I am sure their time will come like a rotten egg.
When they stand at street corners and beg.
Not being able to sustain themselves;
With only broken promises on the shelves!

Copyright ©2000 William Ernest Cox

Apartheid Spies

Apartheid Spies

Halfkroonmeide Unite

Who created these Apartheid spies?
Who is telling all the lies?
Who is still wearing a mask?
Who is still telling all those lies?

Who killed spies in Quattro?
Who killed spies in Tanzania?
Who killed spies in Maputo?
Who killed spies in Lesotho?

What happened to Tyrone Khumalo
What happened to TZ?
What happened to your son?
What happened to your brother?

Questions. . ... just questions.
When will you be prepared to supply the answers?

Copyright ©2004 William Ernest Cox

Annals of Hell

Annals Of Hell

Lucifer laughs with delight.
Each time he wins a gruesome fight.
With the supreme Lord.
Yes, with delight he will applaud.
When he makes entries for his record.

His conquests on planet Earth.
With a multiple murder or a stillbirth.
He wants to be the only one.
Who is allowed a little fun?
To see man, woman and child during their demise.

Each times the crime statistics rise!
Because he is not on the side of the LAW.
Yes, harmony is something he really does deplore!
Now if you want to join his feast.
Just keep behaving like a beast!

Copyright ©2000 William Ernest Cox

Broken Dolls

Anger And Fear (BROKEN DOLLS)


You said you love me?
Why do you fondle me so?
You say that I must trust you?
Why do you force me to keep quiet?
You say that you will protect me?
Why does my body pain?
You say I am a big girl now?
Why am I only seven?

Now because of you, I am abandoned.
While other kids have their parents.
Because of you, I have to live in a big house with other kids?
While you languish in prison.
Because of you, I have to go to different schools?
While you said, I am already a woman!

Why must I carry so much hate inside my scared body?
Why must I beg to be recognized?

Copyright © 2004 William Ernest Cox



Dedicated to a falling Angel

Angels are gorgeous
Angels are sweet
Angels are tiny
Angel are petite
Angels are supposed to knock you off your feet!

Angels aren't wicked
Angel are just fun
Angels are forever young
Let's hope you are the chosen one?

Do you have those qualities
They don't seem to show
If you're not an angel
Then please let me know!

Copyright ©2001 William Ernest Cox



Dedicated to Sharon Angelique

She was born one day in September thirty years ago,
Her growth and development was pretty slow.
Her eyes were brown and her looks were fair.
I recognised her as she lay in the crib over there!

She was blessed with an attitude of the ruling kind,
As later in life I would find.
She smiled at diamonds and grabbed at gold,
I knew she would be rich before I grew old!

As years went by she grew into a lady,
A will so strong it could fool any baby.
She's older and wiser now,
But I still love her anyhow!

She's my tower of light,
That lightens up my way.
For in my heart,
I bid her stay!

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox



The land to be.....
Where love is fancy free.
Where dreams can come true,
Not just for me and you!

Yes, with its majestic towers,
Where you can stand and gaze for hours.
With its vast plains and prairies,
Which could be painted by some fairies.

Where wild horses are running free,
What an orgasmic place to be.
But, alas, green cards are the order of the day.
Where jerks and terrorists go to play.
Where the mafia is in control of crime,
And launders hot moneys every time.

If you have a choice of where you want to be,
When choosing alternatives its plain you see.
The only option would be.....
To stay near, dear and close to me.

Copyright ©2003 William Ernest Cox


Dedicated to My Angel
You have a yearning to be alone,
You have a yearning for soul company.
You have a yearning to fill your heart,
You have a yearning to be apart; Sometimes?

Sometimes is always out of touch,
I am the one to yearn too much.
I also want a little space,
To brighten up my lonely face!

When you're soul mates deep in your heart,
You're one and cannot be apart.
If the thought is too much for you,
Then I don't know what we can do?

I also dream of a lovers sweet embrace,
I also rebel for my own little space.
I think we're both confused you see,
Can there ever be a soul connection for you and me?

Passion is not ours and belongs in Cyberspace,
It's a lonely journey so we must race!

Copyright ©2000 William Ernest Cox

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ahoy There

Ahoy There

Saluting Good Times

I've reached the final stretch of my mortal race.
Most of my targets are now in place.
Willy has reached his triumphant destiny.
Now it's only Megan and me.
My glorious horses are galloping. . .
My chariot it free.
There is nothing between the finish line and me!

Life will drag on and a mission well done.
Now's the time to have my fun.
For God and Caesar I raise my sword.
Once again saluting my Lord.
Life's been tough. . .
It has taken its toll.
Yet again, I am on the roll.

Another chapter or two to record.
Yes its all been worth my Earthly reward!

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox

Agenda of a Traitor

Agenda Of A Traitor

Demise of a Black Widow Spider

A constant warning rings through.
Are they trying to make a traitor out of you?
Have all their devises failed?
Because of all their murky past, you they impaled.
Why do I hear these warning bells?
Summonsing others and me to doom and maybe hell!
Eugene is already there.
Getting me there is an open dare!

Are they that dumb?
They are rated as national scum.
When are they the ones to behead?
You, their traitor in their toxic bed?

For a bag of silver, Judas ended up on a rope.
Do you want me to start applying the soap?

Copyright © 1996 William Ernest Cox

Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging

Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging
Was your father a general in the A.W.B.
The sparkle in your eyes I see?
Was he responsible for a bombing spree
Making a mockery of you and possibly me?

Did he use his friends car
Leaving the number plate on the melting tar?
Did he also drink Klipdrif brandy
And did it really make him that randy?

Did he fall off his black shining horse,
Tearing his underpants of course?
I know that chap well
Even though he was never my pal!

Copyright © 1992 William Ernest Cox

African Landing

African Landing
Africa is mine
Not by choice
By the seed of my father
I had no knowledge
Nor any say
He took out his anger and did it anyway

I was plied that very same day
That's when my mother was eager to play
She accepted the greed
Soon for me to grow in her heart
In the lonely darkness, I was confused
Was this life or was I being used?

I floated around without any sun
For nine long months, I had no fun
Then it happened in a flash
Into the arms of the midwife
Freedom at long last
Into brightness and away from my past!

Copyright © 1994 William Ernest Cox

African Fudge Bowl

African Fudge Bowl

Viva Madiba

When the Big Five....
Take on the great Eight
You are bound to have heavy debate
So much so that the World cannot wait
Handouts are the order of the day
Hoping that poverty and corruption with go away

Firstly, it was retribution for the trade in slaves
Then came land grab and fair trade
Now it is paying off old debts
Next, it will be demands for new wheels

The West has inherited a great fudge bowl
Paybacks are on the roll
Handouts will never desist
How could the rich countries ever resist?
Next will come new debts free of interest
That's what the Big Five will eventually insist!

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox

Affirmative Greed

Affirmative Greed

Ode Shabby Shakes

What is their real need
These Africans with affirmative greed
These peasants of the creed
How long will their attitudes last
They deny their own wrongdoing from the past
Yet the economy they keep screwing

They blame their greed on the past
They want retribution that can last
They deny their counterparts a role
They want to place them on the dole
The grabbers are in contempt
They do not even pay their own rent
They live above their own means
The public and the Country to deceive!
In who must we now believe?
08 June 2005

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox

Affirmative Lament

Affirmative Lament

Dedicated to a diverse minority

Has the status quo not shown,
What we already know.
That all people are not equal,
And we will never be!

Take all the musicians, poets and inventors,
They have always been at education's centre.
They were all from a special gene,
Something rare that not all have been!

Take our present society,
We are made up of a variety.
Diverse and different we all are,
Try placing us together in one jar!

Affirmative action is forced on some,
Be they clever or be they dumb.
Is it fair on you and me,
Forever disadvantaged to be!

Copyright ©1996 William Ernest Cox



Service is nothing without delivery
Delivery is the outcome of good service
A good service demands back up delivery at least
Without good service we cannot prepare for the feast
When you set the rules don't end up being the beast
Kindly comply with your promises made.
You will have to get off your butt and perform for being paid
Giving satisfaction to your learner is the true norm
Receiving money for a service is always fun
That money is not yours until the job is done
Patients is a virtue that is true
Don't let accountability backfire on YOU!

Copyright ©1994 William Ernest Cox

A Prayer to a Parted Friend

A Prayer To A Parted Friend

Love life with a passion
Be passionate about life
Live life with a passion
Passion is the essence of life!
Take pride and prosper
Make pride prosper for you!
One smile reveals your inner being!
Let your eyes be the window to your soul!
Let your soul be my window to the Universe
Let us be soul twins for Eternity!

Copyright ©1998 William Ernest Cox

A Letter To The Grave

A Letter To The Grave


Why do I get the feeling you were not in that coffin?
Your aura was not in that place.
Judas Landman was on the mural against the wall.
Your photograph depicted you bearing my cross and chains?
I feel your spirit where I go now?
As if you were trying to tell me something?
I could feel the grief of most people there.
I had no grief...I could only feel joy?
Yes, my friend only you will know what your mission entails?
I am waiting for answers...Plenty of answers...
Be strong wherever you are now.
Know that there are a lot of people who love and miss you.
Let me know when you are ready to share your troubles?
I will remain vigilant and alert.
I can carry my own cross.
In the past it never hurt!

Copyright ©2005 William Ernest Cox

A Hero

A Hero

Dedicated to the USA Troops in Afghanistan

"A hero is not someone
Who gives his life while fighting the enemy
...but rather one who takes
The life of the enemy while fighting!"

We don't want dead hero's

Copyright ©2005 William Ernest Cox

A Detective

A Detective

Dedicated to Sonny Cox 1914 - 1980

When society is corrupted
And the social structure is defective
You need more than a cop
You need a detective
To solve all the crime
So that your loved ones
Don't live off borrowed time!

His oath was to protect and serve
According to his standards that's what you deserve
Protection from the state and the powers that be
Human rights alone cannot set you free!

I know the real feeling
I know it well
Because a top detective
Was my father and pal!
To be a true detective is not a profession
But rather a calling from GOD himself!

Copyright ©1996 William Ernest Cox

Monday, October 6, 2008

Underground Soldier

Underground Soldier

You survived the pathologist ordeal,
Organs removed and blood drained.
The verdict is out, "Died of a fatal shot."
You died too young because of crime!

The report notes, "A clean bill of health,"
You would have lived to a ripe old age!
Now your corpse must rot in a cage.
The slugs removed, to ballistics they go!

Your torso empty and organs replaced;
With old cammo inside they tie you with lace.
The stitches large for many bodies they do,
On one single "Post Mortem" day!

Left for the undertaker to take,
To your final resting place you'll go,
A tomb filled with maggots and worms,
Till you rise one day!

Dressed in your cammo standing on parade.
To be marched off to the promised land.
No hijackers you fear.
For GOD your master is always near!

Copyright ©1997 William Ernest Cox

Fame and Glory

Fame And Glory

Dedicated to Illonka Mac Dougall (Jnr)

She descended into the bowels of the Earth,
Looking for excitement and fun.
She went so deep she lost the rays of the Sun,
For her and the diverse team, the course had just begun.

A Young Highlander of note,
Her oxygen bottles did bloat.
Because her ears were in pain,
All her energy began to drain.

And then, without warning!
She was lifted to the surface crashing against the awning.

Back to a fresh start,
She descended with the pounding of her heart,
For her father to impress,
The old man was a real mess.

Now, the moral of the story?
Don't go diving for fame and glory!

Copyright ©1998 William Ernest Cox

Guilty as Charged

Guilty As Charged
I made the threat and you responded,
It was my order and you were seconded.
I took the aim,
And you pulled the trigger!

I was the coward,
You shot me like a rigger!
I saw the smile on your face,
Just before you blasted me from the human race!

Now I am at peace in a lovely place,
You're still on Earth scorned with disgrace.
I payed the penalty,
You'll do the time.

No, not on Earth,
But soon up High.
One day soon when you die!
Heaven's not your pie in the sky.

They'll lock you up,
And throw away the key.
Not just for me,
But for Eternity!

Copyright ©1996 William Ernest Cox



You wanted me then,
Like you need me now.
Close your eyes and I'll give it anyhow.

You felt the need,
You experienced the greed,
Now lie back and accept my seed.

It's like a bug,
It's similar to a drug,
Now open your arms and give me a hug.

You felt no pain,
You had no drain,
A beautiful feeling was your personal gain.

The pains are gone,
The spirit is free,
Are you glad you were with me?

Copyright ©1997 William Ernest Cox

Future Joy

Future joy

I looked into your eyes,
They were full of joy.
Right there I knew I wanted to be your boy!

To share and to hold,
Like endless love untold.

"What is the price of joy to be,
Or will we just have to wait and see?"

When Cupid or Murphy let's you pick me?

Copyrigtht (C) 1997 William Ernest Cox

Future Joy

Future joy
I looked into your eyes,
They were full of joy.
Right there I knew I wanted to be your boy!

To share and to hold,
Like endless love untold.

"What is the price of joy to be,
Or will we just have to wait and see?"

When Cupid or Murphy let's you pick me?

Copyrigtht (C) 1997 William Ernest Cox

Time Wasted

Time Wasted

To Jackie

I know that you loved me;
I was your all.

That's before friends and drugs caused your fall.
With you at my side I could walk tall!

The sun used to shine and the honey was sweet,
Diamonds and pearls lay at your feet.

Now that it's over and it's time to go;
There's just one thing I'd like to know?

"Will a restless heart ever be happy again?"

Copyright ©1997 William Cox



PSYCHOPATH.....Who me?
Look around you and tell me what you see!
Take the high rate of crime,
Committed by all the slime!

Take the child abuse,
Was it committed by a recluse?
Take the serial murders and child rapes,
Was it ethnic cleansing?
Or are people just apes?

Take the ill-treatment of animals,
Was it committed by the S.P.C.A.?
Take all the hijackings and murders
Were they committed to keep crime down or to sell more cars?

No my friend, the answer will probably come from Mars,
There are so many psychotic, demented, deranged & vile people around.
In a society nowhere else to be found!
What brought all the hate and abuse on,
Is it because the love for GOD has gone,
Or has Lucifer finally won?

Copyright ©1999 William Ernest Cox

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

What's this thing called STRESS.
Which came to stay for a while,
And has left my aching head,
In a bloody mess!

It disturbs my sleep at night,
It affects my torrid dreams.
It follows me during the day,
And lets me know it's here to stay!

It followed me from the border war,
It pursued me through the Soweto riots.
It attended all the murder scenes,
And went on to join my friends and family!

Then came the medical community,
Who treated me for a while.
They put me on Prozac and Viagra,
And told me to hold a stiff smile!

They charged me for their wisdom,
They took away my RAND!
They said that stress would leave me soon,
When I joined my friends in the promised Land!

Copyright ©1999 William Ernest Cox

Psycho Mates

Psycho Mates

Are you also a social defect?
Don't fear...nobody's perfect.
If you were you would not be here with me,
For all the other social misfits to see!

I am glad you came around,
Now another friend I've found.
You must have been the one,
To have the qualities to turn me on!

I can see we have the same desires,
With a box of matches we can start a few fires.
They must not refer to us as fire-bugs,
We thrive on fun and are not like other mugs!

We don't burn people like "Siter Wnnie,"
So then why don't they leave us alone,
So that we can have all the fun,
That only our kind can enjoy!

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox


Ode To My Broken Doll
Love so sweet,
Or sorrow so sad.

Did you learn to hate;
Because of your dad?

When innocent you were,
And devious he became!

With a little push,
He ruined your pretty name.

Now things will never be the same.
Because it wasn't just a silly game!

Copyright © 1997 William Cox



Dedicated to Megan Rae PURITY

Oh,where art the days when loneliness went away;
'Twas fine with that little lover of mine;
To see and to feel that togetherness was real;
I planted a seed, for everyone to see she was mine;
Then, alas without a whisper one night;
She and the seed took to flight;
She drifted away, to her mother to stay;
She spent no time, to record that she was not mine;
She went to the court, a restraining order she sort;
She told a lie, of threats and assault she would imply;
So, alas, back and forth to Durban, I ran out of gas;
Then, with a sigh, she announced...
"A baby girl named Megan Rae from high."
'Twas a gift from God belonging to her;
She ordered it with only her fur;
On she went without repent, to find someone new;
A gifted traveller or someone she knew;
Raymond my friend was only a disgrace;
For my baby he took, just as God ended his book!
William Ernest Cox
Copyright © 1997 William Ernest Cox

Life's Obstacles

Life's Obstacles

Dedication to Jackie

Running up the mountains,
Rushing down to the sea.

That's how my little lover,
Became aware of me.

Peach coloured complexion,
Heart pounding to perfection.

I was the one who lead the direction.
She, the one who took the collection.

Then alas, our ways parted,
Because of politics we were out-smarted.

She had gone away,
And I was forced to stay.

A daughter she was rewarded,
Only lost memories and a broken heart I recorded!

Copyright © 1996 William Ernest Cox

The Broken Clock

The Broken Clock

Dedicated to Ol' Man Time

Life is like a cuckoo clock--
Tick tock tick tock.
When you least expect it,
Time runs out on you!

From day one, when you land on Earth,
The ticking of time is all you're worth.
From the word "go,"
The scars of time will show!

Now you think you're in the driver's seat,
But friend, don't let time miss a beat.
You race through life
With all its time-related strife!

Appointments to keep,
Sometimes with only a little sleep.
Various places to go--
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow!

So take advantage and play it cool;
Don't end up being the only fool!
Someday soon, even at best,
The cuckoo, friend, will lose his nest!

(C) Copyright 1996 WEC

Loves Secret

Loves Secret

Dedicated to Baby

Never seek to tell thy love,
Love that never told can be.
For the gentle wind does move,
Silently, Invisibly

I told my love, I told my love,
I told her all my heart.
Trembling cold in ghastly fears.

Oh, she ran out on me.
Soon as she was gone from me,
A traveller came by.

Silently, invisibly.
He took her without a sigh!

(C) Copyright 1996 William E COX

Racism in the World

Racism in the World

Racism is a state of mind,
Brought upon another without being kind.
It is there for me and you,
When showing our colours true!

Some like to ride on our bus,
Without any money or any fuss.
They want everything free,
Expecting nothing less from you and me!

They want reparation for acts gone bye,
They accept your cash without a sigh.
What are they made of?
What will they be?

If they cannot live,
Without handouts from you and me?
Enough is enough,
You're supposed to know!
To hell with the parasites,
Don't let them ruin your show!

(C) !997 WEC

Romeo's Hurt

Romeo's Pain

Dedicated to Megan Rae Angel

Oh Juliet, I must concede.
My heart is torn and doth bleed.
That poison had taken away my every need.
Of wanting you so very much.
Death hath taken away your youthful touch.
It hath deprived me of having you as my wife.
It hath devoured my chance of mortal life.

I wanted and needed you so.
Why did you hath to go.
On that fatal doom filled day.
When one ounce of ampoule took you away.
I lay here in my dampened, soggy tomb.
Longing for your passionate womb.
Of seeing you as a mother.
Of depriving our child of a brother.

If I could hath but one chance more.
For you are the only beauty, I will adore.
To death, I am just a slave.
Yes a statistic of fleeting fate!

(C) 2004 William Ernest Cox

Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters

Dedicated to the R.S.A.

Terrorists are a peculiar breed,
Conceived from a defective social seed.
They are all the same,
While playing their terrorist game!

They are against the powers that be,
Driving them into the sea.
Coming up with a democratic plea,
Telling the citizens how pure life will be!

While playing their terror games,
Death and destruction is their names.
You cannot trust a terrorist you see,
He has no conscience like you and me.

Green, gold or black,
You will never get your country back.
Because once he takes hold,
Your freedom and liberty you've sold!
Then he'll rape your economy blind.
Leaving your ancestors bones in the sand,
While destroying your promised land!

(C) 2000 WEC

Ambushed 2006


Protect And Serve - Not Die

My four brave buddies in BLUE
Today the Country salutes you
You were all an inspirational light
Keeping your mission and zest bright
Little did you ever know
What seeds of evil against you could sow
On Sunday 25th Junes 2006 you were on duty
Little knowing what was expected of you
To come up against the trained forces of evil
Lead to your fate by Lucifer, the Devil
You were outnumbered, outgunned and slain
Like pigs going to their slaughter
Out numbered, not once, out spirited
You stood your ground like heroes
You carried your cross like disciples
You paid the supreme price with your flesh
You have all earned a place in heaven
While your enemy will languish in HELL!

Copyright (c)2006 William Ernest Cox

Charity SA


"Crime Pays in the RSA"

Charity is one option when you roam,
It's personal and starts at home.
Why must you always give handouts,
And expect nothing in return?

You cannot park your car now'days,
Without being approached in different ways.
Either by a watchman,
Or directly as a hijacker or beggar!

It frustrates you all the time,
Giving away nickels and dimes.
When a Rand it not enough,
The parasites start getting tough!

They click their tongues,
Or utter verbal abuse.
Another five Rand more,
Will call it a truce!

(C) 2008 WEC

Fall Men of Fate

Fall Men of Fate

The government is notorious when is comes to an official stink
They selectively select a fall-man to get rid of the fowl odour.
They then pronounce that everything is Kosher again and its business as usual.
Recent statistics will prove this point beyond any doubt.
The deputy president was accused of having had a corrupt association with a friend.
Then a top lawyer was accused of being an Apartheid spy.
The deputy minister Of Health took a fall for her Boss on the AIDS pandemic.
The Scorpion head was accused of being a ‘mole’ and having spied on others in the spying circles.
A top mayor was accused of being an Apartheid spy.
Then the Scorpions are accused of being too effective against crime and corruption.
A British columnist was a racist for being too ’racist.’
A bolt was thrown into the reactor at Koeberg causing power outages.

Who is actually the biggest spanner in the works?
I hope his name is not…..APARTHEID!
© 2008 WEC

Aftermath of War

Aftermarth of War
War has never…
Nor will it ever
Be justified...
Too many innocent victims
On both sides of the spectrum
Get killed, are maimed and are wounded
The results of tribal war
Are never justified...
Judging by how many have died!
I have witnessed the sights of disaster!

The Zambesi Valley was once filled with butterflies
Now it is full of fleeing countrymen
Fleeing from their crazy ex president
Drawing blood in that beloved land
Who is out of touch with reality
He has lost his soul and conscience
He will soon lose his fangs!
Victory will be yours in the end
How far back will you have to bend!

© 2008 WEC

Ambushed 2008

Ambushed 2008

It has been two years to the day
The fateful memories are still here to stay
You four had to pay the supreme price
Combating against crime and vice

The accused appeared in court as promised
Yet the resolve is nowhere in sight
When will we have closure
To this evil urban exposure?

Endless is this non-abating evil criminal strife
Many a buddy has since lay down his life!

© 2008 WEC

Paralympics Champions 2008

Dedicated to Natalie, Madiba & SA

Natalie you carried our flag with honour
Nobody was aware of the fact that you are disabled.
You performed amongst the best
You put your aching limbs to the test.
The competition was rough
You remained determined and tough
Then you were given a second chance
Again you carried our flag into the arena
Again you were our shining angel of achievement
Again you did your best
Again putting your body to the supreme test
You came out tops
You were our team leader
An inspiration to the rest
They all came out at their best
You all showed the viewing world
Your wills again commanded your bodies
Your bodies did not want to quit.
They all did their utmost part
Yes, we were victorious
God bless you all!

(C) 2008 WEC