Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Automatic Teller Machines

Automatic Teller Machines

A.T.M.'s what a bind.
More of an inconvenience I could not find.
Went a long way to draw some cash;
Then what did I find amongst the trash?
A torn Twenty Rand note?
Which did not let my pocket bloat!

The number torn off at the left hand top corner;
Did I not realise that the fun was over?
Funny money is worthless you see;
Not to be tendered by you or me.
Who loaded it into the A.T.M.?

They forced me to drive up and down;
To all the branches in this dismal town.
Trying to retrieve my own hard earned cash.
From amongst the dirt and ash!

Who is accountable let's wait and see;
Till the CEO gets a visit from me!

Copyright © 2003 William Ernest Cox

....."I was at an ATM money machine when an old lady came up and asked me to
check her balance. So I pushed her over.".....

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