Saturday, February 28, 2009

From Mars to plunder

UFO Pilot

"Ode My Soul"

I have performed my duties
I have served my King
I have protected civil society
I have enriched the poor and needy

I have received citations
I was handed medals
I was bestowed with accolades
I was accepted by my peers

I am going to honour myself with golden wings
I will pilot my UFO through the pearly gates
I will give a victory salute
I will meet my KING

Together we will create a new tomorrow
Together we will rid this Earth of imperfections

Copyright ©1999 William Ernest Cox

Zuma is the wrong call

Economic Destruction

All this fuss about equality?
Such hopes for parity.
Does it all boil down to insanity.
When people take salaries higher than the economy?

This affirmative base.
Will end up in disgrace.
The economy is doomed.
When it goes up with a boom!

The ""Fat Cat"" syndrome.
Will leave this country in gloom.
The prospects are hazy.
The politicians are all crazy!

They should address the social mess.
They should address poverty.
They should address health.
They should address wealth.
They should address employment.
They should address sanity!

Copyright ©2009 William Ernest Cox

Monday, February 23, 2009

International Terrorism


All you need to go to war,
Are bombs, missiles, TNT jackets, an airliner or a four by four.
With your mighty arsenal at hand,
You can take on the promised land!
Leaving the ruins in North Africa's sand!
How can the World believe in your "holy war?"
When civilians and public are getting sore?

You are an inhumane terrorist and should be taken out.
Off the face of this Earth without a doubt.
You are nothing more than a callous coward.
Trying the disguise of Sir Thomas Howard.
No my friend you'll find no place to hide.
While men like me are not on your side!
We believe in justice can't you see.
With us around you'll never be free.
For we'll be keeping this beautiful planet as free, as can be!
Copyright (C)11/29/2002 WEC

interesting and fulsome
Written by kevinrobson73 (534 comments posted) 23rd February 2009
most profound.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day 2009

Valentino’s Passions 2009

Yes, I have loved with passion
Have had three long lasting relationships
Have encountered several medium length ones
Have experienced steamy, sizzling dreams
Have had a few rejections

Passion is for the moment
Lust is for the ego
True love is for the believers
Rejection is for the deflated

I will love, lust and experience again
Too many opportunities
Too little time!
(c) 2009 Valentino’s Bubble

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anger And Fear (BROKEN DOLLS)


You said you love me?
Why do you fondle me so?
You say that I must trust you?
Why do you force me to keep quiet?
You say that you will protect me?
Why does my body pain?
You say I am a big girl now?
Why am I only seven?

Now because of you, I am abandoned.
While other kids have their parents.
Because of you, I have to live in a big house with other kids?
While you languish in prison.
Because of you, I have to go to different schools?
While you said, I am already a woman!

Why must I carry so much hate inside my scared body?
Why must I beg to be recognized?

Copyright ©2009 William Ernest Cox

The Age Gap

Dedicated to Ashton Cox

What is this disparity of age and youth
When will we all realize the truth
Age enhances wisdom
Age embraces maturity
Age nurtures immortality

Take a good red wine
Take expensive French champagne
Take mankind and his immortal soul
Then you may realize your Earthly role

At birth, you are computer chip free
Bar-coded, not yet a rocket scientist to be
A shell willing to learn and understand
At this point, you have life in your hand

After death, you are primed with knowledge and more
While through the Universe you soar
To be a child once more!

Copyright ©2009 William Ernest Cox