Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Letter To The Grave

A Letter To The Grave


Why do I get the feeling you were not in that coffin?
Your aura was not in that place.
Judas Landman was on the mural against the wall.
Your photograph depicted you bearing my cross and chains?
I feel your spirit where I go now?
As if you were trying to tell me something?
I could feel the grief of most people there.
I had no grief...I could only feel joy?
Yes, my friend only you will know what your mission entails?
I am waiting for answers...Plenty of answers...
Be strong wherever you are now.
Know that there are a lot of people who love and miss you.
Let me know when you are ready to share your troubles?
I will remain vigilant and alert.
I can carry my own cross.
In the past it never hurt!

Copyright ©2005 William Ernest Cox

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