Saturday, November 8, 2008

Memorable Order of the Tin Hats

Memorable Order Of Tin Hats
In Honour of "'ALL WAR VETS""

We have all fought in various wars.
Sometimes necessary and sometimes flawed.
Sometimes for King.
Sometimes for Country.
Never in vain.
Always to be free.

We now bare the scars on body and soul.
Sometimes visible.
Sometimes invisible.
We have lost life and limb.
We have lost mind and soul.
Going in strong…..
Not always coming out whole.

We have stood at the front as one.
We often saw victory through the sights of our gun.
We will stand at remembrance the same.
We were all born unique and free.
Together as soldiers for everyone to see!

Copyright ©2003 William Ernest Cox

We pay tribute to Linda de Jager for rewriting history with her "Border Wars"

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