Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Babes in Browns

Babe In Browns

Dedicated to G.I. JACQUI

She joined the Air Force to be counted.
She wanted to do her part undoubted.
She was the leader of the girls
Leaving soldiers surrounded in whirls.
She was counted on the train to Pretoria.
Where she arrived in all her Gloria.

Bearing scars of the journey.
She swore never to be lonely.
She drank tequila till she dropped.
She challenged the boys until they topped.
She looked wild in cammo and browns.
She got lost on her "jols" to town.

She raided the barracks with the girls.
Bringing joy and laughter to the guys.
Nor drugs nor dope stopped her when she had to cope.
Only when she slipped on a bar of soap.
Nothing got the better of my fair lass.
Until the day, she had to crash!

Copyright © 1997 William Ernest Cox

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