Monday, October 6, 2008

Psycho Mates

Psycho Mates

Are you also a social defect?
Don't fear...nobody's perfect.
If you were you would not be here with me,
For all the other social misfits to see!

I am glad you came around,
Now another friend I've found.
You must have been the one,
To have the qualities to turn me on!

I can see we have the same desires,
With a box of matches we can start a few fires.
They must not refer to us as fire-bugs,
We thrive on fun and are not like other mugs!

We don't burn people like "Siter Wnnie,"
So then why don't they leave us alone,
So that we can have all the fun,
That only our kind can enjoy!

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox

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