Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hoods and their Shady Deals

The Hoods of the Dark Chambers

Hoods have existed since before the birth of Christ
They have manipulated society through their own device
They formed secret societies in the dark
They would kill the candle flame when they heard a dog bark

Hoods infiltrated society
Failing to give a toot about humanity
They have plundered and reaped
All the blood from the poor did they seep

To give account of all the hoods I know
Will take me forever and make me slow
They are clustered in their dark chambers three by three’s
Yes, in secret cells, some hiding behind DLB’s!

© 2009 WEC

Friday, October 23, 2009



PSYCHOPATH.....Who me?
Look around you and tell me what you see!
Take the high rate of crime,
Committed by all the slime!

Take the child abuse,
Was it committed by a recluse?
Take the serial murders and child rapes,
Was it ethnic cleansing?
Or are people just apes?

Take the ill-treatment of animals,
Was it committed by the S.P.C.A.?
Take all the hijackings and murders
Were they committed to keep crime down or to sell more cars?

No my friend, the answer will probably come from Mars,
There are so many psychotic, demented, deranged & vile people around.
In a society nowhere else to be found!
What brought all the hate and abuse on,
Is it because the love for GOD has gone,
Or has Lucifer finally won?

(C) 2000 W E Cox

Legacy of Apartheid

Legacy of Apartheid

GOD please cure this Nation,
Are they acting out of pure frustration?
They have raped and killed little girls for years,
To rid them of their ghastly evil fears!

They blame Apartheid for all their wrongs,
Keeping the blame at a distance on their tongs.
They have taken YOU out of our Constitution,
Thinking that atheism is the only solution!

They owe anti Christ for debts of old,
Wishing the facts were never told.
They leave me totally cold,
Knowing that their souls and consciences they've sold!

Do they think we are all naive,
Is that why they try to deceive?
Us all with the false Legacy of Apartheid,
When corruption and destruction are their fate?

Five years plus into this new democracy,
Will they ever come up with a just solution?
Or are we all doomed to eternity?

(C) 2000 W E Cox

Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Settler One Bullet

One Settler One Bullet

Peter my son you've answered the call,
We all knew that soon you'd take the fall.
Natural causes are common this day,
It didn't need a bullet to pave your way!

Son of the soil how sweet the sunset call,
While here on earth you walked so tall.
You have left many good friends behind;
Where on earth a better friend we'd find?

I salute you student, comrade and brave soldier in all,
You were nominated to take the fall.
Soon your soul will be knocking at the pearly gate,
Like many of us I just cannot wait!

You hated whites it's needless to say,
How many more will you meet on your way?
You will be thrown into a melting pot,
You may come out white,
Believe it or not!

(C) 2002 William E Cox

Comments by Sonny

Peter Mokaba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Up to his death, from "respiratory problems" at the age of 43, Peter Mokaba was an ... PETER MOKABA, ANC-LP, destyds leier, Die Burger, 2002 (in Afrikaans) ...

May he, or anyone else utter those wicked words again!

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood

Who were these architects
The brotherhood of man
Who built beautiful buildings
As only they can
The craftsmen of freemasonry
Who blocked their skills from you and me

Why did Captain William Morgan have to die
When disclosure of forbidden secrets they would imply?
It's much too complicated for us to see
Their trade secrets will only confuse you and me
There's a knocking at my door
Maybe, like Captain William Morgan, I'll say no more

Should you not again hear from me
Maybe I'll be hanging from an oak tree
For a freemason journeyman I will never be!

(C) William E Cox

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Parastatals and Providers

When the wind blows through the trees
My lights go out
When Eskom demands more money from users
My power is cut
When my internet provider is told by ICASA to cut costs
My surfing is interrupted
When workers are demanding more pay
My garbage piles up on the pavement

When crime is rampant
I am told there is no racist crimes in South Africa
When soldiers demand more salaries to live
I am told that they should not have unions
When there is a financial crisis
MP’s drive bling cars

Yes, even robbers drive bling get-away vehicles
To keep up with the politicians!

© 2009 William Ernest Cox

Comments by Sonny

If this is not SA in Crisis, then nothing is!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lovers Triagle

The Devil Won This Game

The Devil Came Out Tops. . .
He even beat the cops.
Someone died in a crash.
Alcohol was the cause of the grief.
Lucifer was the mortal thief.

Lee had to make a pact.
To get her lovers life back.
She sold her soul to the Devil.
Bringing him back to her level.

She is now a young lass without a soul.
Bringing back his life, her only goal.
She had to carry his wooden cross.
To her and the world, a great loss.

I was that victim sad to say.
Brought back to smile and play.
Leaving the black hole caused all the pain
Here on earth with Lee to remain!

(C)2001 William E Cox

Monday, August 31, 2009

Middle Age Dilemma

Middle Age Dilemma

From a young fireman’s hose
To a old gardener's sprinkler
From Forceful sprays
To the sounds of a dripping tap

From a confident one shake
To shaking with a Parkingson’s motion
From the feeling of enjoyment
To the knowledge of growing old!

Sometimes you detect a bit of blood in your urine
Sometimes a burning pain of infection!

It’s time my Couz
To visit your Urologist!

Sonny Cox © 2009

For further advise Google Dr AJ Visser at Garden City Clinic who has written papers on the subject!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Mickey Mouse Club

The Mickey Mouse Club

Who were these infamous clowns?
The operatives of the famous ""Mickey Mouse Club?""
The Charlie Chaplin Boys?
With guns and explosives instead of toys?
The Burgers and Chappie bubble gum brats?
Who we all knew to be social rats!
The Boswell Wilkey Boyz.
With guns and explosives as toys?

The writing was on the brick wall.
Of their slow rise and rapid fall.
How could anyone have supported their breed?
Were they in such desperate need?
Their own ego's and pockets to feed!
How did the State allow them to plunder and steal?
Are their adventures really truly real?

No wonder they saw their own fall.
Looking into the crystal fortune ball.

by William Ernest Cox (C) 1999

Turncoats Ahoy

Turncoats Ahoy

Just more than a century ago,
The "AFRIKANER" also fought for survival,
Battling the great British Empire.
NP - NNP types were here then too,
They were known as Hensoppers Joiners and Halfkroonmeide.


In this new democracy we have a diverse type of people.
All enjoying hijacking, serious crime, corruption, rape.
Plunder, robbery & murder are but a few.

How sweet my valley!
How sweet my future!
How sweet the future of my children!
How sweet the prospects of there children!

by William Ernest Cox (C) 1997