Monday, October 6, 2008

Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters

Dedicated to the R.S.A.

Terrorists are a peculiar breed,
Conceived from a defective social seed.
They are all the same,
While playing their terrorist game!

They are against the powers that be,
Driving them into the sea.
Coming up with a democratic plea,
Telling the citizens how pure life will be!

While playing their terror games,
Death and destruction is their names.
You cannot trust a terrorist you see,
He has no conscience like you and me.

Green, gold or black,
You will never get your country back.
Because once he takes hold,
Your freedom and liberty you've sold!
Then he'll rape your economy blind.
Leaving your ancestors bones in the sand,
While destroying your promised land!

(C) 2000 WEC

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