Monday, April 27, 2009

Freedom Day 2009


To All Free Spirits

What is freedom take a look at you and me.
What do you see in the mirror; are we free?
We came into this world tied to a cord.
Tell me now; was that our reward?

We are controlled by life's rules.
Sometimes abused and battered by fools.
We strive for liberty and the like.
Then we learn to walk and even ride a bike!

We progress to such heights.
Under pressure and getting into fights.
We eat, live and learn.
For knowledge and freedom we yearn!

Only when we die our spirits are set free.
That's when life and liberty begins for you and me.
Into flight through the Universe.
Without any money or even a curse!
William Ernest Cox
Copyright ©2009 William Ernest Cox

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Elections 2009

Away with Cronyism

We voted and voted and we stood tall
We were determined to let the ANC take that fall
We were confident as we stood proud
We wanted to take a stand and shout it out loud
We as the people were the authority
We could not lose democracy to a majority

As one we stood in the queue
As a united front we knew what we had to do
As a country without delivery to the poor
As a giant of victory we were sure
As a country we stood strong

As South Africans we would not let anything go wrong

With cronyism we had to do away
If in SA we wanted to stay
Now it is up to the ruling few
To deliver on their promises
Yes they know what to do
That goes to say for the ANC to

Never again will we let them trip
They are assured that we will let them slip!

Copyright © 25 Apr 2009 WEC

Monday, April 13, 2009

Love's Losses

Life's Obstacles

Dedication to Jackie

Running up the mountains,
Rushing down to the sea.

That's how my little lover,
Became aware of me.

Peach coloured complexion,
Heart pounding to perfection.

I was the one who lead the direction.
She, the one who took the collection.

Then alas, our ways parted,
Because of politics we were out-smarted.

She had gone away,
And I was forced to stay.

A daughter she was rewarded,
Only lost memories and a broken heart I recorded!

Copyright © 1996 William Ernest Cox

Justice a double edged sword


About trust. And about finding someone you love hurting another. And the
conundrum it brings, as to whether you remain loyal or follow your morals...

I think my view is clear
I would walk the longest path for you
And tackle the highest mountain
If you were the Mafias target I would kill them
If a murderer shot you I would take the bullet
But if you turn, and start to be a liar
If you turn and go against the ones you 'love'
I will hunt you down and shoot you to the ground
I will slit your wrist and watch you bleed
The moment you say something bad
Is the moment I will watch you die
It's just the way I work
I can love you more than the world itself
But if you turn nasty I will watch you burn
Just because you're an angel to my face
Doesn't mean you can hurt other people
Just because you are friendly with me
Doesn't mean you can get away with murdering the innocent
If you slay the innocent I will slay you
Justice needs to exist to stop the evil spreading
Justice is a fine way to explain what I'm doing to you

By Stacey Carter
Published: 3/20/2009

Fools in SA Paradise

Fools Paradise SA

The ANC NEC Conference in Polekwane has come and gone

Jacob Zuma showed his Steel
Thabo Mbeki has been forced into abeyance
Politics has been on everyone's lips
The Scorpions are to finally be disbanded
Jackie Selebi's future has been placed on hold
Newspapers were sold on outages and crime

Now after all the fuss and confusion
It's time to move on
Destiny is being written
What is South Africa's future
Will we prosper and grow
Will we ever be united!?

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox

Comments by Sonny

Will the elections on 22 April bring unity or division!

Death like Politics

Vultures Of Prey

Ode Tiny LOURENS 1954 - 2005

What I experienced today
Was a pack of vultures of prey
You were not yet properly dead
The coffin was not yet in the Hurst
Before they all brought out their worst
They were at the church making thunder
About how your cottage they would plunder
The sun was not yet going down
When they all left for out of town
The band of bent females
Who have their own warped craves!

You have earned your rest
Today was just a mortal test
To see where you really belong
As they sang your parting song
Rest in peace my friend
We will all meet again in the bitter end!

Copyright ©2005 William Ernest Cox