Sunday, October 19, 2008


Border Wars

Dedicated to 'Linda de Jager'

As young South African white males we had no choice
The National government suppressed our voice
The Army was forced on you
Or the South African Police had to do
‘Souties’ and ‘Boertjies’ alike
Were all told to shut up or take a hike

Soon we were confronted with border duties
Not giving a damn whether you were toughies or ‘fruities’
We were all rushed into bush warfare
Not giving a fart if we really care
To SWA or Rhodesia you had no choice
Again in ‘flossies’ without a voice

The war soon intensified
Many of our buddies had already died
Some through acts of the enemy
But most by the will of God
Losing our comrades
Was pretty hard!

Copyright © 2008 William Ernest Cox

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