Monday, October 6, 2008

Fame and Glory

Fame And Glory

Dedicated to Illonka Mac Dougall (Jnr)

She descended into the bowels of the Earth,
Looking for excitement and fun.
She went so deep she lost the rays of the Sun,
For her and the diverse team, the course had just begun.

A Young Highlander of note,
Her oxygen bottles did bloat.
Because her ears were in pain,
All her energy began to drain.

And then, without warning!
She was lifted to the surface crashing against the awning.

Back to a fresh start,
She descended with the pounding of her heart,
For her father to impress,
The old man was a real mess.

Now, the moral of the story?
Don't go diving for fame and glory!

Copyright ©1998 William Ernest Cox

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