Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A D Redwaan

A.D. Redwaan

"Dedicated to Christians in Afghanistan"

My name is Redwaan,
I was conceived in Pakistan.
My father was the Reddywaan,
And he took my pregnant mother Lovelywaan.

To stay with him and aunt Uglywaan,
In the mountains of Afghanistan.
My father was a carpenter by trade,
Until his carpentry shop was hit in a raid.

He then went to join the Taliban,
Where be became their Numberwaan.
My father you see is....""Osama Bin LADEN,""
Who is on America's hit list as ""The Onlywaan!""
He stays away from raves,
Instead he hides in caves.
When he hears the Yank bombers above,
He is in ecstasy with love.
Claiming there is no other mountain rat as ""HE!""

Copyright (C) 2003 William Ernest Cox

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