Monday, October 6, 2008

Romeo's Hurt

Romeo's Pain

Dedicated to Megan Rae Angel

Oh Juliet, I must concede.
My heart is torn and doth bleed.
That poison had taken away my every need.
Of wanting you so very much.
Death hath taken away your youthful touch.
It hath deprived me of having you as my wife.
It hath devoured my chance of mortal life.

I wanted and needed you so.
Why did you hath to go.
On that fatal doom filled day.
When one ounce of ampoule took you away.
I lay here in my dampened, soggy tomb.
Longing for your passionate womb.
Of seeing you as a mother.
Of depriving our child of a brother.

If I could hath but one chance more.
For you are the only beauty, I will adore.
To death, I am just a slave.
Yes a statistic of fleeting fate!

(C) 2004 William Ernest Cox

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