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Bickering affecting service delivery

Civil disobedience is Poetic Justice!

Mar 27, 2010 4:21 PM | By Sapa


Bickering among party members is affecting service delivery, ANC national chairwoman Baleka Mbete said.


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Residents of the township Sakhile near Standerton inMpumalanga protest over a poor service delivery and corruption in their city council

Photograph by: SAPA stringer

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Addressing delegates at the Mpumalanga general council in eMalahleni, Mbete said infighting in the ruling party was making it difficult to fulfil promises the ANC made during last year's elections.

She said the party wants the leaking of matric examination papers to be a thing of the past and called on stakeholders, especially parents to play an active role in the education of their children.

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Comments by Sonny

While the townships burn, the leaders of the ANC party!

My Pad at the Sea

My House At The Sea

In May it's the very place to be.
With Louis and the boys at the sea.
We will frolic and have tons of fun.
Sipping rum and cocktails in the sun.
Yes we are off to join the lads.
Be they joyful or faintly sad.
Enjoying life as only we can. . ...
Yes, all thanks to DAD!

It's that time of the year.
When MOTH comrades get voted in with a beer.
The rest of us will just enjoy the fun.
Out on the beach tanning in the sun.
The South Coast is the place to be. . ...
With Louis, Bruce and the boys at the sea!

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Princess of Mystery


Megan, Our little Princess.
How long has it taken me?
To try and bond with you?
I started you a piggy bank its true.
Then alas, I needed the cash.
I took a loan signed on an IOU.
The cash has gone now,
And Mr Piggy is bare.

I have no memories except your chair.
It has taken almost 14 years.
For a daddy,
do you think its fair?

Mommy and grumpy gran had the best of you.
She's given it up now, it's also true.
I am prepared to wait twenty-one years.
I will stand strong and hold back the tears.
If you are my Princess,
you'll wait for me.
A yellow ribbon 'round my old oak tree.
That's how you'll know how to find me!
Soon my darling we'll be together,


Copyright © 1997 WEC

The Fate of an Old Dog

It is not easy teaching old dogs new tricks.
It is easy teaching puppies new tricks.
Old dogs lose their teeth.
New puppies get theirs.
Old dogs lose their vision.
Puppies gain their eyesight.

Time separated old dogs from puppies.
Time separates the men from the boys.
The women from the men.
Pretty girls from old guys!

Now wonder young girls select gigolos?
Now wonder sexy young girls choose studs?
In the end the young grow old.
In the end the old fade away and die!

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