Saturday, June 20, 2009

From the womb to the tomb

How much longer must I swoon,
Between my mothers womb;
Or a dampened icy tomb.
Enduring only this gloom!

I was let out on a windy day,
When I thought that I was about to play.
All my toys were taken away,
Because of politics I was taught to pray!

Life was totally confusing,
Watching all the politicians wilfully abusing;
All their powers with total greed.
They made sure they took more than they need!

Their own nests to feather,
Come sunshine or stormy weather.
To them all things were the same,
Playing their deceitful game!

Politicians will be rewarded in the end,
With rest, eternally in a tomb to spend!

Copyright ©2003 William E Cox

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hippocratic Oath

JOHANNESBURG 18 June 2009 10:00 WEC

Doctor’s take this oath to maintain a standard of ethics while treating their patients.
They make a promise to treat you in a professional way no matter the cost.
They believe that life is sacred and that they must protect life above all.
Their patient comes first and no rewards are discussed during this period of healing.
The patient fully recovers and then your troubles begin with health care.

You are introduced to hidden costs.
Medical health care comes at a high price.
Hospitals are built on profit based contracts.
Doctor's form syndicates to add to their wealth.
Their hidden agenda is revealed as ‘money and riches.’

They neglect their patients for a game of golf with their “brothers in greens.”
They drive expensive cars to justify their standing in society.
They lead a fast lives and sometimes take to prescribed drugs.
When the wheel starts turning faster they take to social drugs.
Eventually they slowly kill their patients for financial gain and habit costs.

Sometimes becoming sole beneficiaries of patients estates.
Always hoping never to get caught!

(more of a statement than a poem)

Copyright © 18/6/2009 WEC

* Hippocratic Oath
Doctor’s promise to uphold medical standards. An oath traditionally taken by newly graduated physicians to observe the ethnical standards of their profession, specifically to seek to preserve life.
(Because Hippocrates was the supposed author of such an oath)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Self Enrichment

Ode Justice in SA

What a disgrace!
What's come over the human race?
What has contaminated authority;
Why are officials so corrupt to subsist?

When placed in a position of power;
They all seem to cower;
They may start off very naive;
Then they all start to thieve!

Their finger get caught in the cookie jar.
How bizarre?
Can society afford this state of affairs;
Or should we split them by their hairs?

Copyright ©1999 William Ernest Cox

Comments by Sonny

The recent elections will not have changed anything!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Google Spam Blog


It was no thrill
When I picked up my quill
A story to write
I was faced with a ghastly fright
Instead of focused delight
I kept my options tight
Throughout the night

But, alas two days I have to wait
For the Google debate
To come to my rescue
And the mess to deflate!

Copyright (C) WEC 2009