Monday, October 6, 2008

Paralympics Champions 2008

Dedicated to Natalie, Madiba & SA

Natalie you carried our flag with honour
Nobody was aware of the fact that you are disabled.
You performed amongst the best
You put your aching limbs to the test.
The competition was rough
You remained determined and tough
Then you were given a second chance
Again you carried our flag into the arena
Again you were our shining angel of achievement
Again you did your best
Again putting your body to the supreme test
You came out tops
You were our team leader
An inspiration to the rest
They all came out at their best
You all showed the viewing world
Your wills again commanded your bodies
Your bodies did not want to quit.
They all did their utmost part
Yes, we were victorious
God bless you all!

(C) 2008 WEC

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