Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Dedicated to My Angel
You have a yearning to be alone,
You have a yearning for soul company.
You have a yearning to fill your heart,
You have a yearning to be apart; Sometimes?

Sometimes is always out of touch,
I am the one to yearn too much.
I also want a little space,
To brighten up my lonely face!

When you're soul mates deep in your heart,
You're one and cannot be apart.
If the thought is too much for you,
Then I don't know what we can do?

I also dream of a lovers sweet embrace,
I also rebel for my own little space.
I think we're both confused you see,
Can there ever be a soul connection for you and me?

Passion is not ours and belongs in Cyberspace,
It's a lonely journey so we must race!

Copyright ©2000 William Ernest Cox

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