Friday, October 31, 2008

The Open Book Syndrome

Dedicated to Honesty

What do we know about the open book syndrome?
The mighty evil that make academics moan?
The learners, students clerics and society,
Who crib without anxiety?

Yes, we are aware of that typical kind.
Who leave their peers and fellows behind.
They reach high places.
Leaving egg on others faces!

Is this to do with "relativity?"
Did Einstein really give it to you and me?
Or was it taken from a friend, student or foe?
Most of us will never know!

I look around at the well to do.
I wonder to myself if we only knew.
Who of them are really shining stars?
Did they come about out of human disasters?

Once again we'll never know.
Somehow they've got papers to show,
That they are a chosen kind.
Walking through life without their own mind!

Copyright ©2008 William Ernest Cox

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