Friday, October 23, 2009

Legacy of Apartheid

Legacy of Apartheid

GOD please cure this Nation,
Are they acting out of pure frustration?
They have raped and killed little girls for years,
To rid them of their ghastly evil fears!

They blame Apartheid for all their wrongs,
Keeping the blame at a distance on their tongs.
They have taken YOU out of our Constitution,
Thinking that atheism is the only solution!

They owe anti Christ for debts of old,
Wishing the facts were never told.
They leave me totally cold,
Knowing that their souls and consciences they've sold!

Do they think we are all naive,
Is that why they try to deceive?
Us all with the false Legacy of Apartheid,
When corruption and destruction are their fate?

Five years plus into this new democracy,
Will they ever come up with a just solution?
Or are we all doomed to eternity?

(C) 2000 W E Cox

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