Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Mickey Mouse Club

The Mickey Mouse Club

Who were these infamous clowns?
The operatives of the famous ""Mickey Mouse Club?""
The Charlie Chaplin Boys?
With guns and explosives instead of toys?
The Burgers and Chappie bubble gum brats?
Who we all knew to be social rats!
The Boswell Wilkey Boyz.
With guns and explosives as toys?

The writing was on the brick wall.
Of their slow rise and rapid fall.
How could anyone have supported their breed?
Were they in such desperate need?
Their own ego's and pockets to feed!
How did the State allow them to plunder and steal?
Are their adventures really truly real?

No wonder they saw their own fall.
Looking into the crystal fortune ball.

by William Ernest Cox (C) 1999

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