Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Settler One Bullet

One Settler One Bullet

Peter my son you've answered the call,
We all knew that soon you'd take the fall.
Natural causes are common this day,
It didn't need a bullet to pave your way!

Son of the soil how sweet the sunset call,
While here on earth you walked so tall.
You have left many good friends behind;
Where on earth a better friend we'd find?

I salute you student, comrade and brave soldier in all,
You were nominated to take the fall.
Soon your soul will be knocking at the pearly gate,
Like many of us I just cannot wait!

You hated whites it's needless to say,
How many more will you meet on your way?
You will be thrown into a melting pot,
You may come out white,
Believe it or not!

(C) 2002 William E Cox

Comments by Sonny

Peter Mokaba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Up to his death, from "respiratory problems" at the age of 43, Peter Mokaba was an ... PETER MOKABA, ANC-LP, destyds leier, Die Burger, 2002 (in Afrikaans) ...

May he, or anyone else utter those wicked words again!

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Kraxpelax said...

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I went downtown, saw Katie in the nude
on Common Avenue, detracted soltitude
as it were, like a dream-state rosely hued,
like no one else could see her; DAMN! I phewed;

was reciprokelly then, thank heaven, viewed,
bestowed unique hard-on! but NOT eschewed,
contrair-ee-lee, she took a somewhat rude
'n readidy attude of Sex Prelude; it BREWED!

And for a start, i hiccuped "Hi!", imbued
with Moooood! She toodledooed: "How queued
your awe-full specie-ally-tee, Sir Lewd,
to prove (alas!), to have me finely screwed,

and hopef'lly afterwards beloved, wooed,
alive, huh? Don't you even DO it, Duu-uuude!"

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Adiós, mis vacas! Que pasa en esta temporada de tristeza?
La soledad se cultiva en las ciudades;
viva la muerte.
Uno no debe imaginar que el hombre es bueno.
El paisaje se despierta en un fiel espejo, pregunte.

La noche ha porches de la siesta en ruinas con pistacho.
Débiles enemigos se disipa amigos sin
valor. La calle es corta.
Hay falta de coherencia, la esperanza y la fe.
Todas las puertas evitadas saludan: No pasarán.

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