Monday, April 13, 2009

Justice a double edged sword


About trust. And about finding someone you love hurting another. And the
conundrum it brings, as to whether you remain loyal or follow your morals...

I think my view is clear
I would walk the longest path for you
And tackle the highest mountain
If you were the Mafias target I would kill them
If a murderer shot you I would take the bullet
But if you turn, and start to be a liar
If you turn and go against the ones you 'love'
I will hunt you down and shoot you to the ground
I will slit your wrist and watch you bleed
The moment you say something bad
Is the moment I will watch you die
It's just the way I work
I can love you more than the world itself
But if you turn nasty I will watch you burn
Just because you're an angel to my face
Doesn't mean you can hurt other people
Just because you are friendly with me
Doesn't mean you can get away with murdering the innocent
If you slay the innocent I will slay you
Justice needs to exist to stop the evil spreading
Justice is a fine way to explain what I'm doing to you

By Stacey Carter
Published: 3/20/2009


cyberzealot said...


Its very clear what kind of justice you want.

Funnily enough, justice will prevail, and despite your deeply ignorant drivel we move forward.

Count the votes buddy.

Guess the rest of us are just stupid.



Justice is winning.

cyberzealot said...

that earthlings are on an experimental farm being researched for future improvements on our defective genes, attitudes, intelligence and ability to cohabit(at) or coexist.

Who dropped you on your head ?

cyberzealot said...

PS 2
I think you mean cohabitate.

cyberzealot said...

Sorry, but I can't resist.

You make fun of JZ, you nutjob ?

Perhaps your intergalactic farmers will take pity on you.

For God's sake, I have never heard such stupidity.