Saturday, April 25, 2009

Elections 2009

Away with Cronyism

We voted and voted and we stood tall
We were determined to let the ANC take that fall
We were confident as we stood proud
We wanted to take a stand and shout it out loud
We as the people were the authority
We could not lose democracy to a majority

As one we stood in the queue
As a united front we knew what we had to do
As a country without delivery to the poor
As a giant of victory we were sure
As a country we stood strong

As South Africans we would not let anything go wrong

With cronyism we had to do away
If in SA we wanted to stay
Now it is up to the ruling few
To deliver on their promises
Yes they know what to do
That goes to say for the ANC to

Never again will we let them trip
They are assured that we will let them slip!

Copyright © 25 Apr 2009 WEC

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