Friday, January 30, 2009

International Poetry Award

New Year Hangovers (2008)
Dedicated to Peace and Goodwill

It's 2008 and Life goes on as usual
The local banks are empty
The squatters have not yet returned from the Transkei
Heap it up is still in festive dysfunctional mode
Many citizens have been killed in road carnage
Many young children have drowned at our coasts
Politicians and businesses are suffering still

Crime is rife
Hijackings are violent
Farm murders have increased
The price of fuel is stable for now
Many holiday makers are still at the sea
The matriculants have learnt their fate

Stress will slowly improve
Summer is at its peak
The rain still has to fall
Life is sure to go on
2008 will be a good year;
Me thinks!

Copyright ©2009 William Ernest Cox

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