Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Exciting times


I get such a thrill
When the ink comes from my quill
I see history in the making
Like lost ground being retaken
The vibrant sounds of pens and guns

I see history being rewritten
Of the Bush War not being forgotten
Of victory against the foe
Getting rid of all our woes
Yes SA was the victor

There is only one truth
Which will never be suppressed!

South Africa came out tops
Now, we are all referred to as “Pops!”

© 2009 WE Cox

Dedicated to Love and Passion for the BUSH!

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Tango said...

Love with all your heart all your days; for no man is promised tomorrow.Be kind to all that you meet and give of yourself to all things both great and small...Love is absolute.

"Fight Crime - Shoot back responsibly "make your first shot count for the sake of LOVE !