Saturday, March 27, 2010

Princess of Mystery


Megan, Our little Princess.
How long has it taken me?
To try and bond with you?
I started you a piggy bank its true.
Then alas, I needed the cash.
I took a loan signed on an IOU.
The cash has gone now,
And Mr Piggy is bare.

I have no memories except your chair.
It has taken almost 14 years.
For a daddy,
do you think its fair?

Mommy and grumpy gran had the best of you.
She's given it up now, it's also true.
I am prepared to wait twenty-one years.
I will stand strong and hold back the tears.
If you are my Princess,
you'll wait for me.
A yellow ribbon 'round my old oak tree.
That's how you'll know how to find me!
Soon my darling we'll be together,


Copyright © 1997 WEC

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