Monday, February 23, 2009

International Terrorism


All you need to go to war,
Are bombs, missiles, TNT jackets, an airliner or a four by four.
With your mighty arsenal at hand,
You can take on the promised land!
Leaving the ruins in North Africa's sand!
How can the World believe in your "holy war?"
When civilians and public are getting sore?

You are an inhumane terrorist and should be taken out.
Off the face of this Earth without a doubt.
You are nothing more than a callous coward.
Trying the disguise of Sir Thomas Howard.
No my friend you'll find no place to hide.
While men like me are not on your side!
We believe in justice can't you see.
With us around you'll never be free.
For we'll be keeping this beautiful planet as free, as can be!
Copyright (C)11/29/2002 WEC

interesting and fulsome
Written by kevinrobson73 (534 comments posted) 23rd February 2009
most profound.

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